Activate OS X Finder in Simple mode

The ‘Simple Finder mode’ hides desktop files, and won’t let anyone open a new Finder window. Only applications in the Dock can be launched. Note that Spotlight can still be used for launching items. This command could be a nice alternative for setting up restrictions without a guest user account. Click Finder ▸ Run Full Finder, and then type in your admin password to start Finder in normal mode.

Enable Simple Finder mode:

defaults write InterfaceLevel simple

Reverse to standard operation with:

defaults write InterfaceLevel standard


1 thought on “Activate OS X Finder in Simple mode

  1. I have snow leopard and when I go into finder it does not have run full finder. I can not open my external HD. When I click option, apple, esc, it tells me that finder is not responding. What do I do?


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