Sync iCloud history and bookmarks manually (Safari)

The Safari browser on your Mac en other Apple devices can sometime go out of sync. Bookmarks, open tabs and history will not synchronized with other Apple devices. It’s possible to force synchronize the bookmarks and other iCloud content manually, this can be done with Safari Debug menu. You must activate this menu with the following Terminal command.

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10 terminal commands to speed up macOS High Sierra on your Mac

high sierra

Most improvements in macOS High Sierra are not immediately visible to the ordinary macOS user. Especially under the hood many improvements have been made in the area of performance and safety. Some users experience a slow Mac after installing MacOS High Sierra

With the following 10 Terminal Commands you can speed up macOS High Sierra. The commands disable various delays and animations from that standard built by Apple. These are nice, but not necessary for the Mac

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Disable Gatekeeper on your Mac

Gatekeeper icon

Gatekeeper protect your Mac to prevent installations of any unauthorized apps on your Mac. This prevents malware from being installed on your Mac. Using System Preferences, you can disable Gatekeeper using the ‘Security’ option. Yet Gatekeeper will be automatically enabled after 30 days, using the following command you can disable Gatekeeper forever.

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