Show OS X Dashboard Widgets on your Desktop

Enable OS X Dashboard widgets on the desktop, with the F12 or F4 key. After applying the defaults write command activate Dashboard, click on the widget you want to move to your desktop, and while holding the mouse button down, click F12/F4 again.

defaults write devmode YES

To make the command take effect, you need to restart the Dock

killall Dock

Revert to the default setting:

defaults write devmode NO

Restart the Dock.

4 thoughts on “Show OS X Dashboard Widgets on your Desktop

  1. I have tried everything to get this to work, and it just wont happen. I am running OS X 10.8.2 on a mackbook pro, and I go through all the steps and it just doesnt work. I have even gone into Preferences>Keyboard>Use all F* keys as standard function keys, and still it doesnt work……..have you any idea why that should be, it is really frustrating, when I see so many sites with people able to get this to work.

  2. Sorry for the second message, but I just noticed on your youtube message that when you click F4 the screen changes from the Dashboard to the Desktop on mine the screen slides across from one to the other…….how do you change that.

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