Disable Gatekeeper on your Mac

Gatekeeper icon

Gatekeeper protect your Mac to prevent installations of any unauthorized apps on your Mac. This prevents malware from being installed on your Mac. Using System Preferences, you can disable Gatekeeper using the ‘Security’ option. Yet Gatekeeper will be automatically enabled after 30 days, using the following command you can disable Gatekeeper forever.

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Make OS X screenshots without window shadows


When you take a screenshot on Mac there’s always a shadow around the screenshot by default. Disable the shadow from the screenshot with this Terminal command. Be aware, this command only works on a Mac with macOS High Sierra or newer. Click here for the command for macOS Mojave or newer.

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Make Pixelmator faster by eliminating bug fix

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The latest version of Pixelmator includes some improvements for stability issues with Pixelmator on certain 2011 Macs that have Intel HD 3000 graphics cards and OS X 10.11 El Capitan preinstalled.

Thanks to the fix, the app works again on these Macs. Unfortunately there is bad news for all other users, the bugfix made the photo editing application slower. Good news, you can disable the bugfix using the following Terminal command.

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