Disable Smooth Scrolling in Mountain Lion

In Mountain Lion 10.8 an animated smooth scrolling feature has been added to Mac OS X. Return to the pre-Smooth Scrolling functionality with this command:

defaults write -g NSScrollAnimationEnabled -bool false

Restart your Mac or logout/in to make the changes appear.

Return to normal scroll behavior with:

defaults write -g NSScrollAnimationEnabled -bool true

2 thoughts on “Disable Smooth Scrolling in Mountain Lion

  1. Hi there,I’m having preombls with a racing title for the Macintosh called “FlatOut 2 . When only partially into a level The audio completely cuts off? I’m running 10.7 with a fairly late iMac (mid-2010 edition). Under 10.6 I occasionally had the audio disappear, but nothing as bad as this! I really enjoy the game by the way I purchased this through the Apple Store.Would you be able to tell me if you’re aware that this is a problem?Under 10.6, the audio disappeared only if there was some other audio playing underneath the sound track of the game. But under 10.7 this audio consistently disappears.I bought this game through the Apple StoreAny help would certainly be appreciatedThank youMalcolm.

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