Get a Transparent Dock in OS X Mavericks

In OS X 10.9 Mavericks Apple didn’t hardly changed the Dock, yet you can adjust the design slightly using a terminal command. It’s possible to give the dock a transparent look. Add the following command in Terminal:

defaults write hide-mirror -bool true;killall Dock

Restore the default setting:

defaults write hide-mirror -bool false;killall Dock


9 thoughts on “Get a Transparent Dock in OS X Mavericks

  1. You can change the Dock to any color or image you desire using DockMod! The developer has reverse-engineered the to make it fully customizable. This means you can select any color or image and apply it to your dock. Details and download are here:

  2. DockMod is a complete rip off. The developer was contacted regarding some errors and a request for a license that was purchased. We have 38 friends that have had issues with there OS X Mavericks systems and others and have contacted the developer for repairs and related issues without success. anyone that buys their software is an idiot and does not deserve a Mac system.

  3. The new OSX dock is horrible (especially when you put them on the side, and with most new monitos are at 16:9 it makes not much sense to use the bottom dock) because the contrast is way to low. I don’t know why the apple-designers of this new dock don’t even know the simplest design rules (don’t mention the new calendar!). The apple threads are full of angry users that search for solution to make the dock more useable (the new iOS look is similar crazy and flawed).

    DockMod is no solution, its a system hack and you should not use such programms on a productive system.

  4. CAUTION!! Anyone using Dockmod is asking for trouble. Especially if they try then don’t buy. The developer likes to hold you to ransom, not providing any means of removing the advertisement for his product all over your dock even after uninstall. You can get tips by email but he is reluctant to give all the details at once, rather trying to sell the product instead. I got caught, but was lucky enough to have a buddy who knows enough about the inside of Osx to get rid of this crap.

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