Give OS X a flatter look inspired by iOS 7

The default theme in OS X still has, despite the change in iOS 7, lots of shades and gradient effects incorporated in the theme. This can be disabled by using a terminal command and give the finder window and a few other programs a flatter look. The resulting appearance is flatter and whiter window that’s showing brighter colors and less shadowing. Add the following command in Terminal:

 defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSUseLeopardWindowValues NO; killall Finder

Restore the default setting:

defaults delete NSGlobalDomain NSUseLeopardWindowValues


5 thoughts on “Give OS X a flatter look inspired by iOS 7

  1. This will work for OS X 10.5 (tested on powerpc, should work for intel as well) as well though it results in a more platinum grey appearance system wide.

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